March 19, 2024

Do I need touring caravan insurance?

By Bethan Harper

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Owning a touring caravan opens up a world of freedom, exploration and adventure, offering a unique way to experience the beauty and diversity of the outdoors.  

However, with this newfound freedom comes a set of responsibilities and potential risks. One of the essential considerations for any caravan enthusiast is whether to invest in touring caravan insurance.  

Touring caravan insurance is designed to protect you from unforeseen incidents such as theft and damage, both on the road and while stationary. It not only offers peace of mind, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your travels but also provides financial protection against potentially costly repairs or replacements.  

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why investing in touring caravan insurance is a wise decision for anyone looking to explore the UK with their mobile haven, ensuring that your adventures are as carefree as they are memorable. 

We’ll cover: 

What does touring caravan insurance cover? 

Touring caravan insurance in the typically covers a range of aspects to protect caravan owners while on the road or during periods of storage.  

Policies commonly include financial protection against theft, accidental damage to the caravan and vandalism as well as: 

  • Fire
  • Lightning 
  • Explosion 
  • Earthquake 
  • Storm 
  • Flood 
  • Malicious persons 

Coverage often also extends to personal belongings within the caravan, such as clothing and electronics.  

Moreover, touring caravan insurance may offer public liability coverage, safeguarding owners in case of bodily injury caused to others while using the caravan.  

Additionally, if you cannot stay in the caravan due to loss or damage and you wish to continue your holiday, some policies will cover you financially for alternative accommodation. This is known as ‘loss of use’.  

You might also be able to add additional options to your policy, including breakdown assistance, legal expenses coverage, and European travel coverage for those planning trips abroad. 

Insurance coverage can vary between providers, so it’s essential to review policies carefully to know exactly what you’re covered for.  

Touring caravan insurance
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Is caravan insurance a legal requirement? 

Simply put, insurance is not a legal requirement for touring caravans.  

However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the benefits of taking out a policy.  

Not only can an insurance policy offer peace of mind that you’re financially protected should something happen to your caravan or interfere with your travelling plans, but some caravan parks deem insurance as a requirement for staying on their site.   

So, without coverage, you might find it tricky to find a place to stay.  

How much does it cost to insure a touring caravan? 

As we mentioned previously, touring caravan insurance can differ depending on the provider. So how much it costs will depend on the policy you choose.  

The type of policy, the type and age of the caravan you wish to insure and any additional extras you opt to add will also have an impact on the price of your policy.  

However, to give you an idea of how much you could expect to pay, Save More Money’s Touring Caravan Insurance starts from £75.00 + IPT  (insurance premium tax).  

You could also use a third-party comparison site like Go Compare to compare prices from a range of providers.  

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Is caravan insurance worth it? 

Only you can decide whether investing in an insurance policy is worth it.  

However, if your caravan is damaged in some way, you could find yourself paying less money in the long run with the right insurance. 

Without touring caravan insurance, the cost of repairing damp caused by flooding could set you back as much as £100-£225 per repair (Checkatrade, 2023).  

Or, if you discover you’re unable to stay in your caravan due to unexpected damage, you could find yourself paying hundreds for alternative accommodation.  

So, so if you paid an annual cost of £75 (plus insurance premium tax), the value of insurance is clear. 

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Where can I buy touring caravan insurance? 

If you’ve decided that touring caravan insurance is something you’d like to purchase, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ve got plenty of choice.  

Online you can pick from dozens of providers, offering policies with varying features.

However, be careful to always check the policy wording before you choose your cover as not all policies are the same and some might not offer all the features you’re looking for.  

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a product that offers loss of use cover, public liability insurance and financial protection against events such as floods, fires and malicious and accidental damage, our touring caravan insurance could be the option for you.

Find out more about the Save More Money touring caravan insurance here.


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