Driving instructor GAP insurance 

Save More Money’s Driving instructor GAP insurance bridges the financial gap between your car insurer's payout and the total price you paid for your vehicle or any remaining finance at the point your car is written off. That way, you should avoid financial loss if your car is declared a total loss. And when you use your car for business, minimising the time it’s out of action is paramount. 
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What you need to know

For full details of what’s covered, when it’s covered and what’s excluded, see the policy document. 
Driving instructors Those with non-UK specification vehicles 
Those who have bought their vehicle outright or pay a finance agreement   People planning European trips exceeding 90 days 
Those who already have comprehensive vehicle insurance  Those driving modified vehicles (unless the modification is in line with manufacturer specifications) 

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Why buy a Driving Instructor GAP Insurance policy with Save More Money? 

At Save More Money, we’re committed to providing affordable, straightforward insurance policies that are easier to take out (you can buy our policies online in minutes). 

Having your vehicle declared a total loss can be an incredibly stressful experience for any driver. And this stress is only magnified for driving instructors, for whom their vehicle is not just a mode of transportation, but a vital part of their profession.

With a Driving Instructor GAP Insurance policy through Save More Money, you can alleviate some of this stress. Our policy makes sure that you’re financially protected for the entire value of your vehicle that's been written off, filling in the financial gaps that your motor insurance provider may not cover (including the full cost or remaining finance payments). 


Policy Documents

This insurance is arranged by Stubben Edge who is also the policy administrator and is underwritten by Novus Underwriting Limited on behalf of Millennium Insurance Limited.

Driving Instructor GAP Insurance FAQs

Ready to get insured now?

Simply fill in a few quick details and you can buy our policy online in minutes.