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Home Emergency Landlords Cover

Burst pipes, broken boiler, electrical damage: when a home emergency happens at a tenant's property, you need it fixed - fast! But emergency repairs can be very expensive. With Save More Money's Home Emergency Insurance for Landlords, you can get your tenant's house back in order quickly.

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What you need to know

For full details of what’s covered, when it’s covered and what’s excluded, see the policy document. 
Let properties and rented residences in the UK We can't cover your boiler if it's over 15 years old
Adults over 18 Anyone who already has home emergency cover included as part of another policy

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Simply fill in a few quick details and you can buy our policy online in minutes. 

Why buy Home Emergency Landlords cover with Save More Money

At Save More Money, we’re committed to providing affordable, straightforward insurance policies that are easy to take out (you can buy our policies online in minutes). 

As a landlord, the last thing you want is a call from your tenant to say there’s an issue at the property.  

But with our dedicated Home Emergency Landlords Cover, you can get protection against unexpected events such as leaks, boiler breakdowns, key loss and sudden loss of electrical or gas supply.  
All of these things can be costly, and some potentially dangerous, so with this policy you can have peace of mind that you’re covered to get them fixed. 

And we don’t require you to only use selected repairers. You can choose to use any qualified professional you like so that your emergency can be dealt with as fast as possible.


Policy Documents

This insurance is arranged by Stubben Edge who is also the policy administrator and is underwritten by Novus Underwriting Limited on behalf of Millennium Insurance Limited.

Home Emergency Landlords Cover FAQs

Ready to get insured now?

Simply fill in a few quick details and you can buy our policy online in minutes. 

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