March 6, 2024

Does breakdown cover include punctures?

By Bethan Harper

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Making sure your vehicle is covered by the necessary insurance policies can be a complicated matter. However, breakdown cover is typically considered an obvious choice for most drivers.  

Contrary to belief, breakdown cover isn’t usually included in your standard compulsory motor insurance, meaning you’ll need to take it out separately (or add it to your standard policy) if you want to be financially covered in the event of a breakdown.  

But what is included in a breakdown policy, and does this breakdown cover include punctures?  

In this article, we’ll address the following: 

tyre with a puncture
Car with a flat tyre

What is breakdown cover? 

Breakdown insurance is a type of insurance coverage that provides assistance in the event of vehicle breakdowns.  

This coverage aims to provide peace of mind to drivers by ensuring help is readily available in case their vehicle experiences mechanical failure or other issues while on the road. When a vehicle covered by breakdown insurance breaks down, policyholders can contact their provider’s helpline and a trained professional will be sent to their location to assist them.  

Does breakdown cover include punctures? 

You’ll be glad to hear that, yes, breakdown cover does typically include assistance for punctures and provides aid to drivers who encounter flat tyres while on the road.  

If you have breakdown cover and find yourself with a puncture while driving, you’ll be able to contact your insurance provider and request they send out a technician to replace the tyre and enable you to continue your journey. If this isn’t possible, the technician will provide a temporary fix to allow you to access a nearby repair facility.  

However, while punctures are usually included in breakdown coverage, it’s essential to review the specific policy wording of your coverage to confirm whether punctures are explicitly included in the coverage as variations can exist between different providers and levels of coverage.  

Some policies may have specific limitations on the number of callouts for punctures or may require additional coverage for certain types of tyre-related issues.  

Your policy will also come with some restrictions and exclusions. For example, you may not be able to claim on your policy if you are not carrying one of the following: a legal spare wheel, tyre space saver, aerosol repair kit, appropriate jack or the locking mechanism for the wheels.

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What else does breakdown insurance cover? 

Every policy is slightly different, so what breakdown insurance covers will depend on the provider. However, here are some common features that are likely to be included in most breakdown policies. 

Roadside assistance  

One of the key benefits of motor breakdown cover is that you’ll receive access to trained technicians who can attempt to fix your vehicle at the roadside.  

And, once you’ve paid your monthly premiums and excess, this assistance should come at no extra cost. 

However, do note that providers will often limit the time a technician will spend trying to fix the car at the road side. If a vehicle cannot be fixed in that time, alternative arrangements will be made.

Vehicle recovery  

Unfortunately, not every vehicle can be repaired at the roadside. As a result, breakdown cover will usually include a vehicle recovery service so that your car can be towed or transported to a local garage or your home. 

However, it’s important to note that most policies will have a limit on the distance they will transport your vehicle. So, depending on where you break down, your cover might not stretch to your home or local garages.  

Vehicle being recovered from the roadside
Broken down vehicle being recovered from the roadside

Alternative transportation  

Many motor breakdown policies also offer alternative transport options if your travel plans have been interrupted and your vehicle cannot be fixed at the side of the road. However, this service often comes at a higher premium. 

For example, you might be offered a courtesy car or reimbursement for public transportation costs to ensure minimal disruption to your life.  

Some policies even offer reimbursement for hotel costs if you’re far away from home.  

Home start  

If your vehicle breaks down at home, it’s not considered a typical breakdown. However, many breakdown insurance companies offer a home start option, which means assistance is available even if your car breaks down on your driveway.  

Home start also applies to breakdowns that happen close to your address. For example, with a Save More Money breakdown policy, home start includes breakdowns that happen within 3/4 of a mile of your address. 

National and European coverage  

Breakdowns can happen wherever you are, and if you drive your car abroad or far away from home, you might find yourself in a very tricky situation without national or European breakdown cover.  

Therefore, most insurers offer options for nationwide and European coverage to make sure you’re always protected. 

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Where can I purchase breakdown cover? 

Motor breakdown cover isn’t just convenient, but it’s also considered a valuable safety net by many motorists due to the peace of mind and financial protection it offers.  

So, it’s not surprising that breakdown cover is such a popular type of insurance. But where can you purchase a breakdown policy? 

There are many breakdown insurance providers on the market, so it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one. Using third-party comparison sites like Money Supermarket can help you find not only the best prices but also a policy with features that suit you.  

However, if you’re looking for a motor breakdown insurance policy that offers a variety of cover types, including home start and European cover, Save More Money might just have the right option for you from £24.88 a year.

On the other hand, if you’re a taxi driver or private hire driver, check out our Hire and Reward Breakdown Insurance which offers cover from £49.77 a year.


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