May 1, 2024

How much does caravan insurance cost?

By Bethan Harper

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Caravans offer the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, providing a mobile haven for those who crave the freedom to explore the great outdoors with the creature comforts of home.  

Caravan can transform ordinary weekends into memorable escapades and holidays into extensive road trips, making more destinations reachable. But with this sense of liberation, comes the need to protect your mobile abode.  

Caravan insurance serves as a safeguard, designed to cover potential losses or damage. This specialised insurance can cover a variety of incidents from theft and fire to road accidents and weather damage, ensuring that your travels remain as carefree as intended.  

Given the significant investment a caravan represents, understanding the costs associated with insuring this asset is essential for both seasoned adventurers and those considering their first purchase.

In this article, we’ll delve into which factors influence caravan insurance premiums and explore how much you might expect to pay to protect your travelling sanctuary. 

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how much does caravan insurance cost?
Women sat outside her caravan

What can I expect from caravan insurance? 

Caravan insurance is designed to protect you financially should any damage come your caravan’s way.  

Typically, this type of cover includes financial compensation in the instance of: 

  • Theft 
  • Fire 
  • Vandalism 
  • Storm damage 
  • Accidents while on the road 
  • Damage caused by adverse weather 

Some policies also offer coverage for contents inside the caravan, ensuring that personal items are also safeguarded against loss or damage.  

Additionally, liability coverage is often part of a caravan insurance policy, protecting you against claims if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your caravan.  

This type of insurance is considered crucial by many caravan owners, not only because it helps to protect a significant financial investment, but also because it provides peace of mind while exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.  

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How much does caravan insurance cost? 

There’s no set cost for caravan insurance, meaning the cost of a policy could change depending on the provider, the type of insurance you choose, your caravan’s make, age and model, and the features you’d like included on your policy.  

The cost of coverage could also change depending on the length of cover you’d like and whether you choose a policy that requires you to pay monthly or annual premiums.  

Many insurance providers also offer different policies depending on whether you own a static or touring caravan, so that could also influence the price. 

However, to give you an indication of how much you could be paying for cover, a static caravan insurance policy from Save More Money starts at £65 per year (plus insurance premium tax). On the other hand, a touring caravan insurance policy from Save More Money starts from £75 per year (plus insurance premium tax).  

how much does caravan insurance cost?
Touring caravan

Do I need to purchase caravan insurance? 

While caravan insurance isn’t legally required in the same way that motor insurance is, it is still widely considered highly advisable for caravan owners to consider securing a policy.  

Many caravan parks, for instance, stipulate that caravan owners must have insurance as a condition of staying on the premises. This requirement underscores the importance of coverage, especially in environments where proximity to others could increase the likelihood of incidents.  

Furthermore, opting out of caravan insurance might seem like a cost-saving measure, but it leaves you vulnerable to potentially significant financial setbacks. Damage to or theft of your caravan can result in substantial repair or replacement costs, not to mention the potential loss of personal belongings inside. Therefore, while not legally mandatory, caravan insurance acts as a crucial safety net, protecting your investment and providing peace of mind during your travels. 

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Is caravan insurance worth it? 

Deciding whether caravan insurance is worth it is ultimately a personal decision, varying significantly from one caravan owner to another. What one person considers a worthwhile investment might not hold the same value for someone else, especially when it comes to weighing the costs of a policy against the potential risks to your caravan.  

In the UK, the cost of caravan repairs can be quite steep, especially if you store expensive equipment inside. For example, if your caravan suffers a fire, it’s likely the contents will be lost or damaged beyond repair: replacing just one TV could set you back several hundred pounds. And that’s not to mention the additional cost of repairing damage and replacing the caravan’s structure itself.  

When you consider that an annual caravan insurance policy might cost as little as £75 per year (plus insurance premium tax), the financial rationale becomes clearer. This relatively small investment can potentially save you from facing hefty out-of-pocket expenses after unforeseen incidents. And, while the value of peace of mind can vary, the ability to mitigate these significant costs can make caravan insurance a popular choice. 


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