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Motor GAP Insurance

Motor GAP insurance covers you when your insurance provider can’t. With our Save More Money Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), your vehicle’s worth remains intact even if it’s written off or declared a total loss. Our motor GAP insurance covers the shortfall between your insurance provider’s payout and either the cost of your car upon purchase, or your outstanding finance settlement. Get cover from £125.42 a year.
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You’ll be covered outside the UK for a maximum of 90 days in 12 months of cover

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Choose your cover to suit what you need: Finance and Contract Hire or Combined GAP

What you need to know

For full details of what’s covered, when it’s covered and what’s excluded, see the policy document.  
Vehicles purchased less than 180 days prior to the policy start date and less than 8 years in age Vehicle types listed on the vehicle exclusion list
Vehicles with fewer than 80,000 miles on the clock at the start of the policy Modified vehicles (other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification)
Adults over 18 who live in the UK Vehicles with a value exceeding £150,000

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Why choose a Save More Money Motor GAP Insurance Policy? 

At Save More Money, we’re committed to providing affordable, straightforward insurance policies that are easy to take out (you can buy our policies online in minutes).  

There’s nothing worse than having your car written off or declared a total loss and your insurance provider payout not covering the full value of the car. And, with more and more cars on the road, accidental damage and accidents are increasingly common.  

Taking out Motor GAP insurance not only improves your peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle, but it also prevents unnecessary financial loss. So, if your insurance provider won’t pay out the full vehicle value, we can.  


Policy Documents

Motor GAP Insurance FAQs

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Ready to get insured now?

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