February 20, 2024

Can I buy GAP insurance online?  

By Henry Williams

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Motor GAP insurance covers the shortfall between your insurance payout and the price you paid for your car at purchase if your vehicle is declared a write-off or total loss.  

Car owners are most frequently offered this type of insurance at their car dealership when buying a new vehicle. In fact, 91% of those who buy GAP insurance do so from a dealership (WhatCar.com, 2024), even though this is far from the most cost-effective option. According to research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), over half of the cost of GAP insurance bought through a dealer pays their commission (WhatCar.com, 2024).  

So, what’s the alternative? Buying online, of course. This option gives drivers the opportunity to compare a far greater selection of GAP policies and to find the one that best suits their needs and budget.   

In this article, we explain how to find and buy the right GAP insurance policy for your needs and the key factors you should consider when comparing providers.  

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Buy GAP insurance online
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Can I buy GAP insurance online? 

Not only can you buy GAP insurance online, you should buy your GAP insurance online.  

If your car dealer offers GAP insurance when you buy a new vehicle, you might think the safest and easiest option is to take out a policy then and there. However, according to research, you could be spending up to 61% more at a dealership than if you buy your policy with an independent provider (WhatCar.com, 2024). And that extra cash isn’t necessarily paying for a higher quality product either: most of the difference goes to the dealer as commission.  

That’s why buying your GAP insurance online could be the better (and more ethical) option. You’ll be able to compare a much greater range of GAP types, products and providers, making it easier to find the most affordable and appropriate policy for your vehicle.   

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What should I consider when choosing GAP insurance online? 

The best thing about buying insurance online is that there’s less pressure to sign anything immediately, which gives you more time to compare the specifics of individual policies. 

Not every motor GAP insurance policy is the same, so you might find that some policies are more suited to your specific circumstances than others. 

The main factors you should consider when it comes to choosing the right policy for you are:  


While the cost of GAP insurance should not be the only consideration when it comes to choosing the right insurance, it will of course be a major one.  

It’s always great to get a good deal, but sometimes the cheapest insurance products are only so cheap because they don’t offer many features or extensive coverage. This might be perfect for those who only need basic coverage, but for anyone who needs a little bit more it might not be worth it.  


The features offered by your policy are, arguably, the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a new policy. After all, it’s all well and good having a cheap policy, but if it doesn’t cover what you need it to, it just becomes a futile expenditure.  

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their insurance coverage, but at a minimum, every policy should include: 

  • Outright purchase coverage – covers the discrepancy between the value of your car when you bought it (if bought outright) and the amount your standard motor insurance provider is prepared to pay. 
  • Loan/finance GAP coverage – the difference between the cash value of your car and the outstanding loan amount. 
  • Lease GAP coverage – the difference between what you’ve paid and what you owe on a lease. 

You should also check that your policy covers you for write-offs resulting from a fire, theft, accidental and malicious damage and flooding.  

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Exclusions and restrictions

You should also scrutinise the scope and restrictions of the coverage to ensure any claim you make will be valid.  

When taking out a policy, always check: 

  • Vehicle age and mileage restrictions – policies will usually only cover vehicles that haven’t exceeded a certain mileage (e.g. 80,000) and that are less than a certain number of years old at the start of the policy. Older, more frequently used cars are more likely to become damaged beyond repair. 
  • Vehicle type and use restrictions – certain vehicle categories are likely to be excluded, including large vehicles like coaches and HGVs, cars used for potentially risky activities like racing and the military and taxis or delivery vehicles. 
  • Vehicle value restrictions – some cars are just too valuable for an insurer to risk covering. These limits are usually high, so unless you have a luxury supercar, you should be okay. 
  • International coverage – if you’re likely to take your car abroad, check your policy covers you for incidents that occur outside the UK. 
Buy GAP insurance online
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Where can I find GAP insurance online? 

An easy way to review and compare GAP insurance providers online is to use a third-party comparison site. That will allow you to quickly weigh up the different options available to you based on price and features. Just remember to check the small print of any policy you consider to ensure that your car will be covered in the event of a write-off.  

Alternatively, you can buy your GAP insurance policy online with Save More Money. It takes just minutes to fill in our online form and receive your quote. 

Our gap insurance starts from just over £7 a month. Our product is suitable for all vehicles under £150,000 and 8 years of age with fewer than 80,000 miles.

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