How can motor breakdown insurance protect you?

The thing about Motor Breakdown Insurance is you’ll hopefully never need to use it. But that doesn’t mean your premium goes to waste if you don’t. Motor Breakdown Insurance gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to pay vast sums out of your pocket if you do break down.

How can motor GAP insurance protect me?

Insurance companies rarely pay out the full value of a vehicle or the full outstanding payments on a car loan when it’s declared a total loss. This means, without GAP insurance, you could end up paying finance instalments on a car you no longer have. Or, you might receive far less money than the vehicle’s worth at purchase, leaving you out of pocket when buying a new vehicle.   
Motor GAP insurance protects you against getting a much lower current market value back for your vehicle. 

Is scratch and dent cover worth it?

It costs around £90-150 to repair a single minor scratch and often significantly more for small dents. Whether it’s worth it to you depends on many factors, including if you hope to resell or trade in your car one day. With our policy, you can choose either no excess or a low excess, making repairing minor damage to your car’s bodywork less painful than if you didn’t have Scratch and Dent Insurance.

Is tyre and alloy insurance worth it?

One way to help you decide is to take a look at how much it costs to repair or replace tyres and alloy wheels. New tyres can cost from about £50 to £200 for standard tyres or up to £1,200 for premium tyres – the kind you might find on sports cars. Repairs to alloy wheels typically cost from about £50 to £150. Most alloys can be repaired, while in most cases, tyres have to be replaced. But if your alloys do need to be replaced, you’re covered for that, too, up to £150 per alloy.